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Lawyer, entrepreneur, philanthropist, Chairman, CEO, husband, father, son, brother, nephew, cousin, friend—Reginald F. Lewis lived his life according to the words he often quoted to audiences around the country: “Keep going, no matter what.”

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    Lessons from My Father by Christina Lewis Halpern  

RFL In The News

"If my father were a young man today, he would want to be in tech. And that’s why we exist, I wanted a program that could help young men who were like my father, who are talented, who are driven, but didn’t have access," says Christina Lewis Halpern in PBS Newshour.


RFL In Baltimore

The RFL Museum of Maryland African American History & Culture is dedicated to sharing the courageous journeys toward freedom and self-determination made by African American Marylanders and serve as a beacon of pride, hope, and inspiration for all people.


Lessons From My Father

Christina Lewis Halpern writes, "As an entrepreneur, I constantly look to my father’s work and spirit for inspiration. While it wasn’t easy to narrow down what he taught me to this list, I believe the five lessons below are among the greatest gifts he gave me."

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