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Fourth Annual Reginald F. Lewis Foundation Gala Luncheon

Scroll down for more photos and our LIST OF DONORS and SUPPORTERS during the June 25, 2011 Gala


Thank You to Our Wonderful Donors!

American Express
Ariel Investments

BET Networks

GenX360 Capital Partners

J.P. Morgan


Parsons Family Foundation
Profit Investment Management

The Lipper Foundation

Y Interact

Marilyn Abalos
Kenneth Allen
Bimal and Bela Amin
Amy Kraft Therapeutic Yoga
Lockie Andrews
Kevin Armstrong
Yves Aubry
Susan and Kenneth Austin
Catrise Austin

William Bailey
Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Baker
Philip Barbé
Joel Baskerville
Archan Basu
Vanessa Baylor-Johnson
Dorothy Belard
Roland W. and Lois Betts
Lauren Maillian Bias
Lilly Black
Peter Blake
Chey Blake
Omar Blayton
Christina Bloom
Pamela Bond
Barbara Bowles
Bershan Shaw Bradley
Annette Brockett
Eddie C. and C. Sylvia Brown
Maya Browne
Saleda Bryant

Calvert Asset Management
Carlyn Calloway
Maris Campbell
Yvette L. Campbell
Reginald Canal
Christopher Capers
Thomas and Jennie Yap Chan
Carrie Chang
Rosalyn Chapman
Midwin Charles
Deborah Chatman
Maya Chorengel
Dr. and Mrs. Luther and Camille Clark
Kristen Clarke
Charles and Ellen Clarkson
CMG Research LLC
Joe Cochran
Johnnie Cochran Jr. and Sylvia Dale Cochran
Solange Collins
Dante and Edna Concepcion
Connections Consulting
Samuel J. Cooper Jr.
Kenneth and Eva Cornick
Don Cornwell
Nicole Coward
Kristin Hein and Phillip Cozzi

Luana DeAngelis
Luis and Barbara Del Rosario
Linda DeNiro
David and Joyce Dinkins
Lisa Downing

Shayne Ebudo
Edward Lewis Revocable Trust
Leon Ellis

Lisa Farrow
Daniel Fass
Toni Fay
Philippine Fiesta
Delle Sering and Mac Fojas
Lori Fouche
Eileen Frank
Anne Payne Fugett
Amanda Huh and Reginald Fugett
J. Russell Fugett
Russell Fugett

Heida Gardner
GFS Investments
LaRue Gibson
Godfrey R. Gill
Charlynn Goins
John Grainer
Kevin Gray
Kevin C. Greenidge
Natatia Griffith
Khalid Gross

Sweet Joy Hachuela
Shannon Hales
Linda Faigo Hall
Pam Carlton and Charles Hamilton
Pamela Hayes
Aquilla Haynes
Hermione Foundation
HIC and Associates LLC
Marc Hillary
Harry and Mattia Hjardemaal
Troy Holland
Peter and Jihee Huh

Ryan Jeffries
Gabriel Johnson
Isabel Juan

Michael Kantrow
Philippa Karteron
Kenneth Kelly
Dawn Kelly
Jaime King

Leny V. Lazado, Aurora Health Center
Diane and Chester Lee
Fay Ann Lee
Randy Letang
Gloria J. Lett
Christina S. N. Lewis
Loida Nicholas Lewis
Brenna Lindsay
Michael Lythcott

Jennifer Mahoney
Karen Aletha Maybank
Raymond J. McGuire
Eric McKissack
Ginger McKnight-Chavers
Christopher Megginson
Mile 9
Naledi Khabo and Reggie Miller
Marilyn Monroe
Christopher Motley
Kloni Murray
Mike Muse
Angela Mwanza

Jumane and Jacqueline N’Namdi

Dion Oglesby
Uche Orji
Jorge Ortoll
Amos and Brenda Otis
Shea Owens

Leigh Parrinello
Samuel Peabody
Carlyle T. Peake
Mr. and Mrs. Walton Pearson
Laurence Pels
Dolen Perkins
William and Pat Pickens
Katheen Pontone
Michelle Potter

Gloria Radeff
Clint Ramos

Radient Ravin
Sonte Reavis
Stephanie Reid
Najoh and Warren Reid
William C. Rhoden
Arva Rice
Tchad Robinson
Libertad Rosenkranz

Frank and Lolita Savage
William Scattery
Juanita Shell
Helen C. Shelton
Susan Shin
Benita Shobe
Stephen Sieh
Madeline and Alexis Sinclair
Courtney Sloane
Kenneth Smaltz
Sabrina and Ramsey D. Smith
Keisha Smith
Tracy Smith
Ahnna Smith
Dana O. Smith
Dail St. Claire
Deirdre Stanley
Patrick Sturgeon
Hanif Sumner
Larry M. Sutton
Gavin Sword
Leslie Lewis Sword

James Taavon
Odelia M. Tablit
Kathleen Tait
Kellyn Tillers
Vincent Truett
Dr. and Mrs. Robert L. Turner
Thomas A. Twoney Jr.

Alicia Underwood
Stephen Usher

George Van Amson
Dr. Ancy Verdier

Blair and Felicia Walker
Nancy Washington
Lola West
Elliot and Rosalyn Wiley
Darrell Williams
E.T. Williams
Marcelle Williams
Donna Wilson
Jesse Wineberry
Eric Woods
Sylvia Woods

Ahmed A. Yearwood
Lester and Renee Young
Andria Younger


Auction Winners / Donors

Candice Aiken
Lisa Buriak
Heidi Butler
Barry Chiu
Richard Conine
David DeSantis
Aileen Diefenbach
Mitch Eisenberg
Robert Friedland
Stacey Gottsch
Manuela Herzer
Natalia Jones
Vi Lilly
Ken Mak
Leslie Mays
Paul Meyette
Clay Mitchell
Neil Morazan
Karen Riddle
Greg Schwartz
Wilbert Smith PhD.
Barbara Voron
Frederick Williams
Janet Woodruff


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