RFL Museum celebrates Lewis’ 75th Birthday

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Baltimore, Maryland – The Reginald F. Lewis (RFL) Museum of Maryland African American History & Culture Museum celebrated the 75th birth anniversary of RFL with an event titled, “The Conversation: Reginald F. Lewis – The $Billion Deal, The Lifestyle, The Man” last Thursday, Dec. 7, 2017. Keith Perrin, Co-Founder of FUBU, was guest speaker, along with family and colleagues of RFL: Jean S. Fugett Jr. (Lewis’s brother, former TLC Beatrice International CEO), Clarence “Tiger” Davis (Lewis’s high school classmate), author Lin Hart (classmate at Virginia State University), and William C. Slattery (classmate at Harvard Law School). The Panel was moderated by Charles F. Robinson, TV Host and Anchor for Maryland Public Television.

Lewis’s widow, Filipino American lawyer Loida Nicolas Lewis, and his mother Carolyn Fugett, were also present to share their personal insights, and give encouragement to about 300 participants (mostly young people from Baltimore high schools), especially to those who wish to follow in the footsteps of RFL.

“Today, we celebrate my beloved Reginald Francis Lewis’ Birthday when he would have been 75 years old. I thank God for the man that he was: a native of Baltimore, MD; he got accepted at Harvard Law School without applying, and is the first African American with a building named after him on its campus; he established the first black law firm on Wall Street; he bought the McCall Pattern company on a leveraged buyout for $22 million, turned it around, and later sold it at a 90-1 return; and he sealed the $985 million deal that launched the first African American billion dollar enterprise. What made him able to achieve all that? Hopefully this event gave you a better picture of who he was, what he did, and what habits he developed to accomplish what he achieved,” said Loida Nicolas Lewis. “Hopefully, we all learn from it.”

Come February 2018, WLIW21 will present a documentary about the extraordinary life of Reginald Lewis, airing on Black History Month.

Here is a slideshow of photos from Mr. Lin Hart, one of the speakers during the event.